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Noctis Traffic Lead

Noctis Traffic Lead

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  • High Quality Rock Climbing Rope 
  • 10mm Black | 10mm Ranger Green | 10mm Mojave Orange | 10mm Red Rock | 10mm Glacier Ice | 10mm Pink Starburst | 10mm Saguaro Green | 10mm Moab Burnt Orange | 7mm Black Ice | 7mm Arctic Ice | 7mm Prismatic Yellow
  • Oxide Metal "O"- Ring 
  • Leash measures from handle, all the way to end of carabiner 
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
    - Lightweight weight only 24 g
    - Made of Aviation Aluminum 
    - Auto-Lock will prevent accidents on carabiner opening by itself 
    -Bears Force of 500 kg
  • Features a secondary traffic handle by the carabiner clip for more control
  • The perfect lead for service dogs all the way to city dogs that are constantly in crowded atmospheres 
  • This leash will keep your furry buddy right next to you, where they belong
  • Great for training purposes to "heel" and walk with you, not walk you
  • Traffic Handle measures about a foot from the end (not beginning) of the carabiner 
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Customer Reviews

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Jennie Liang
One of the best leashes ever

The traffic handle is the best feature of this leash. In SG, where we are surrounded by ten thousand and one people, the traffic handle is a great way to keep Yuki close and prevent her from being stepped on. The traffic handle is also at an optimal height for 1.6m human.
Additionally the feel of the rope leash is great. It’s comfortable to hold for a long period of time. The only issue I have is the weight of the leash is slightly heavy for a mame shiba. Other than that, I really love the leash.