About Us

The Dog MRKT was founded because we wanted to share the products we personally love and use for our own dogs, Taro (Pomsky) and Toashie (Corgi). We often give recommendations and review products that we love to other dog owners and some of the products are not available in Singapore so we thought it'd be convenient if they would be able to purchase it directly from us.

Our mission is to source for brands we love that are usually not available in Singapore yet and also to showcase local brands that we already love. If we don't use it for ourselves, we would not want to sell it either.  

Calm Dogs Social was also started because of them as I wanted to socialise them with new dogs in a safe and calm manner. After having a reactive dog like Taro, we explored multiple options and ways to help him navigate his emotions. By teaching him to co-exist neutrally with new dogs regularly, it helps him to be less excited when seeing them because he won't think that seeing dogs equals to play. This is why we hope to be able to influence other dog owners through Calm Dogs Social that co-existing neutrally is one of the better ways to socialise.