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Howler Collar - 1 Inch

Howler Collar - 1 Inch

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  • 1" Wide Collars with an adjusting buckle for a variety of sizing
  • Easy to clean webbing and hardware to withstand your adventures
  • Nylon Webbing stitched for strength, durability, and safety 
  • Quick Release Buckle that's auto-locking
  • Hand-Sewn Logo Patch to stay clean and fresh during your outdoors adventures
  • Dog Tag Ring so that it won't clash with your leash connected to the D-Ring while on a walk
  • Metal Quick Release Buckle, D-Ring, and Adjusting Buckle are all super durable, corrosion resistant, and rust proof

Photo Credits: @honeybearkona


Measure your dog's neck with a soft tape measure.
The rule of thumb is to only be able to fit 2 fingers in between the collar and the pup's neck. We recommend a tighter fit for dog's with skinnier heads so that they don't slip out.

Collar Size Neck Size
XS 12" -14.5"
S 13" - 16.5"
M 16" - 21.5"
L 18" - 25.5"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
A potential lifesaver

This was an emergency purchase as my dog had gone cray cray in the forest after she was spooked by an ant attack. She dashed off into another part of the forest with her collar and leash attached. Although she had her AirTag with her, we couldn’t detect her on the app as it was a dense forest and bluetooth doesn’t work there. We found her unharmed after 30 minutes but the experience made me more vigilant and I decided to get a nice, sturdy flat collar where I could attach her Tractive GPS Tracker to the next time we go hiking. For context, the Tractive is a fairly chunky device and there are no third party accessories for the holder. The standard clips which they come with are too short to be secured to a rope collar. That’s why I needed a flat collar and the 1-inch Litto Howler collar is the perfect fit.

Jennie Liang
Amazing Colorway

Joshua Tree is an amazing color and Yuki looks exceptionally good with the color contrast. And the best feature of the collar is actually the small little insert for tag. It’s an ingenious idea so that the tag doesn’t tangle with the leash.
For smaller size dog, even getting the 1” will be heavy because of their sturdy buckle. But definitely a great investment if you have an escape artist like a shiba.